Relationship Building

Tools for establishing and maintaining trusting and respectful interpersonal relationships.

The five books of the Torah document the developing relationship between the God of Israel and the Jewish people.  Throughout the books of the Torah, we see God and the Jewish people take risks for each other and fall in and out of love with each other.  We see God and the Jewish people succeed and fail to communicate what they need and want.  We see them fight, make up, and fight again.  We learn about hope and disappointment, trust and risk, fulfilled expectations and broken promises.  

Relationships between grantmakers and grantseekers are real relationships that are full of risk for both parties, demanding something of each party as they attempt to work together toward a common goal. How do we best collaborate and support each other in this work?  How do we set clear expectations, and what do we do when those expectations aren’t met?  How do we articulate our shared hopes and vision our way toward a better future?  

You can explore more texts on the risk of relationship and teamwork in this source sheet “The Risk of Relationship: If/How to Take the Plunge.” 

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