Why Granted

Created by Jewish Funders Network and UpStart (with help from Hadar), GrantED was inspired by the 2020 study “Grantees and Their Funders: How Professionals at Jewish Not-for-Profits Experience Working with Grantmakers” by Jewish Theological Seminary Professor Jack Wertheimer. This groundbreaking study found that while Jewish nonprofit leaders overall report positive working relationships with funders, a number shared some difficult experiences:

  • Some funders exploit the power imbalance and condition their giving upon inappropriate demands.
  • A significant portion of interviewees reported that female staff members had experienced demeaning comments, inappropriate flirtatiousness, and/or unwanted touching by some individual funders.
  • Grantseekers complained about time-consuming grant applications and cumbersome reporting requirements.

In response to these findings, a panel of 15 foundation professionals, philanthropists, and nonprofit professionals convened and issued a set of guidelines for grantmakers and grantseekers alike, that include:

  • Build Trust and Understanding
  • Increase Transparency
  • Improve Communications
  • Amplify Positive Norms
  • Establish New Norms
  • Educate and Train Grantmakers and Grantseekers

GrantED exists to support and nurture grantmakers and grantseekers so that they forge authentic relationships, communicate effectively, understand and navigate power dynamics, and sustain impact over time.

Here are some ways you may want to use our online resources, a mix of original and curated material :

  • Independently to reflect upon and improve individual practices
  • As part of training and professional development for your team
  • In the context of a specific grantseeker/grantmaker relationship to surface and address challenges.
  • As part of a broader conversation between grantmakers and grantseekers in your community or field.
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